About Mortgage Dance

Disclaimer: don't trust me—I'm no expert.

I am not a mortgage expert, and have no qualification whatsoever to give anybody any advice on mortgage. All the content and calculation formulas are collected on the internet—primarily for my own needs. I'm so uneducated in this matter, I needed to collect resources. This site is the ongoing effort to do just that.

I knew nothing about mortgage

At forty I became a homeowner for the first time. It was an exciting change but also a very stressful one. Mortgage is such a complicated process full of intimidating jargons, and often I felt inadequate to walk into this huge financial commitment.

Actually, I had just started working for a mortgage company—only a few months prior—which made it feel even more ironic that I'm so ignorant on this topic. Although my role as a design director had nothing to do with mortgage process itself, I still felt like I needed to understand more.

I still don't know anything

Knowing little to nothing can make one feel powerless and anxious. Like, what if I get taken advantage of? What if I make an irredeemable mistake? Oh, only if I knew someone that I can rely on!

While I'm still largely illiterate in mortgage in general, I do feel better now that I have more references to go back to. It'd be great if somebody else—you—might also find this site useful. Just remember—I am not an expert, and whatever you find on this site should be taken with a grain of salt.

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